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Building the first knowledge graph vertical to the Chinese automotive field based on Galaxybase graph database
System risk identification rate
Overall bad debt rate reduction
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Customer Profile
Car300 is an independent third-party big data service platform for automotive transactions and finance. It offers one-stop services for key data in the automotive transaction and finance industry chain. As of 2020, Car300 has partnered with over 20 banks, including China Merchants Bank, Everbright Bank, WeBank, and XWBank, providing services to over 2,800 financial and trade customers.
Business Pain Points
Industry Shows Clear Demand for Anti-Fraud Solutions-痛点-galaxybase
Industry Shows Clear Demand for Anti-Fraud Solutions
Internal bank operations are complex, with independently duplicated system constructions, hindering the sharing and unified management of data, models, and algorithms. This results in high operational costs and wastage of software and hardware resources.
Urgent Need to Upgrade Standardized Risk Control Foundations-痛点-galaxybase
Urgent Need to Upgrade Standardized Risk Control Foundations
Traditional manual risk control is inefficient and prone to moral risks. Additionally, many isolated risks between events within the standardized risk control system are difficult to detect.
Car300 utilizes Galaxybase graph database to integrate a vast amount of vertical domain data accumulated from its proprietary industry app. This data includes user transactions, behaviors, communication, and device information, establishing a comprehensive customer knowledge graph that displays relationships such as person-to-person and person-to-vehicle connections.
Relying on the graph's associative relationships and multi-level relationship networks, data is retrieved thousands of times faster than traditional databases to identify high-risk behaviors. By leveraging individual customer characteristics and community features, Car300 employs graph mining and machine learning algorithms to comprehensively quantify default risk, enabling risk prevention and control throughout the entire lifecycle.
Business Highlights
Massive Accumulated Data Relationships
Massive Accumulated Data Relationships
Car300 has served the second-hand car and automotive finance sectors for many years, accumulating over 70 million records of automotive transactions and financial data within the system. The accumulated relational data exceeds 140 million records. Galaxybase graph database successfully builds a super-connected large graph based on this massive existing data, creating a holistic view.
Real-time Processing of New Data
Real-time Processing of New Data
With a significant influx of new data within the system, consisting of 80,000 to 90,000 daily entries for automotive transactions and finances, along with 1.5 to 2 million new relational data entries per day, Galaxybase performs real-time networking of new data. It employs graph algorithms to uncover hidden associations in multi-level networks in real-time, dynamically identifying risks related to illicit connections.
Value of Use
Real-time Calculations with Instant Approval
Car300's financial anti-fraud graph enables seamless integration of proprietary app data, carrier data, and WeChat data, organizing multi-dimensional data structures. It conducts real-time, multi-level queries for new applications, reducing approval time and enhancing operational efficiency
Comprehensive Risk Control Across All Scenarios
Covering nine major scenarios such as new car consumer loans, new car leasing, new car leasing-back, used car consumer loans, used car leasing, used car leasing-back, car pawn loans, inventory financing, and car owner loans, the risk identification rate reaches 60-70%. This results in a 34% reduction in overall bad debt rates.
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