China Southern Power Grid(Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau)
Lighthouse Project: Implementing Intelligent Power Dispatching using the Galaxybase graph platform
Building an Decision Support System
Building an Electric Power Panorama View
Two Scenarios
Efficient Application in Both OLAP and OLTP Scenarios
China Southern Power Grid(Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau)-客户-galaxybase
Customer Profile
Business background
The China Southern Power Grid Company Limited is a massive state-owned key enterprise crucial to national security and the economic lifeline. Shenzhen Power Supply Co., Ltd., a subsidiary directly under the China Southern Power Grid, boasts the highest power load density nationwide, leading power supply reliability, and operates as a massive urban power grid with provincial-scale capacity.
Business Pain Points
Slow Problem Localization-痛点-galaxybase
Slow Problem Localization
Equipment information is stored in different systems without efficient data integration. Problem resolution requires combining data from multiple sources, which cannot be uniformly utilized
Slow Situation Analysis-痛点-galaxybase
Slow Situation Analysis
During complex emergency situations, relying on manual analysis by operators for pre- and post-operation judgments leads to delayed real-time analysis.
Weak Dispatch Decision-making-痛点-galaxybase
Weak Dispatch Decision-making
The existing system heavily relies on expert experience for decision-making, failing to achieve global optimization and posing risks to power grid operation.
The Galaxybase graph platform utilizes existing system data such as equipment inventory information, equipment topology information, incident response plans, dispatch regulations, etc., to construct a comprehensive 'Electric Power Dispatch Single View,' achieving a perfect replica of the power grid architecture.
In operational scenarios, the Galaxybase graph database performs real-time graph computing based on the 'Electric Power Dispatch Single View.' It combines algorithms such as pathfinding, community detection, and network node importance to assist dispatch personnel in conducting real-time business tasks like grid state assessment, current inspection, and emergency equipment handling, significantly reducing response times.
Value of Use
Real-time device status awareness, reducing accident handling time
Utilizing high-performance distributed graph storage technology, the average outage processing time is reduced by 5 times compared to existing solutions, leading to an average reduction of 17 hours of downtime per month.
Machine self-analysis, moving away from singular manual judgment methods
Using graph algorithms for intelligent analysis enhances operational efficiency. The average manual operation time is 3 times faster than the existing solution, resulting in an average daily reduction of 2 hours in judgment time.
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