State Grid(Shandong Electric Power Company)
Development and Management of an Electricity Graph Q&A System
Millisecond query response
Achieving real-time human-machine interaction
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Customer Profile
State Grid Corporation focuses on investing, constructing, and operating power grids as its core business. It is a large state-owned key enterprise crucial to national energy security and the economic lifeline of the country.
Business background
In the field of electricity, there is a vast amount of data resources including power grid equipment, terminal collected data, user basic data, relevant standards and regulations, technical documents, management documents, fault records, etc. Rapid querying and intelligent searching of power data resources are of significant value for power grid dispatch and fault recovery.
However, traditional search systems in the electricity domain mostly rely on keywords, leading to issues such as low precision and recall rates, and lack of support for semantic reasoning. Therefore, the electricity sector needs to build an enterprise-level 'power brain' to support intelligent question-answering for control information in different scenarios, in order to enhance overall operational efficiency.
The National Grid Shandong Company's Unified Data Center integrates all services using Galaxybase graph database as the underlying technology foundation. It organizes over a billion pieces of business system data and nearly a thousand regulatory documents within the power system to construct a comprehensive electric information knowledge base and grid topology structure. This setup is utilized to support large-scale online question-and-answer requests.
Conceptual Diagram
Leveraging graph databases, the Intelligent Q&A system for Power Graphs can perform advanced data analysis, semantic reasoning, and information extraction. When grid operators input search queries in natural language, the system can semantically analyze the user's query and provide corresponding answers.
For instance, in a fault diagnosis scenario, when anomalies occur on the grid platform, the Intelligent Q&A system can analyze the questions based on grid operator queries and grid model knowledge. It then links entities in the graph to generate objective answers, aiding operators in decision-making.
State Grid(Shandong Electric Power Company)-解决方案-galaxybase
Value of Use
Enrichment of Knowledge Base for Business Personnel
Utilizing the underlying power knowledge graph, the Intelligent Q&A system not only supports knowledge-based question answering to enhance the accuracy of factual responses but also leverages the graph's reasoning capabilities to address complex queries. This enables business personnel to grasp business knowledge more rapidly and accurately.
Enhancement of Business Management Capabilities
Through the underlying knowledge graph, State Grid can achieve digital upgrades in scenarios such as intelligent management of grid equipment and classification of power equipment. This digitization reduces reliance on expert experience, allowing graph technology to enhance analytical efficiency and ensure the secure operation of the power grid.
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