Galaxybase Product Series

Galaxybase offers Single Server Edition, Enterprise Standard Edition, and Enterprise Advanced Edition to meet varying business needs, with each edition differing in areas like graph storage mode, graph compute engine, and system architecture.

Single Server

Provides functionalities in a single machine environment. Has limitations in storage capacity. Can upgrade to the version with no storage limit.

Native graph storage engine with efficient queries and compressed data storage
Supports property graph data model and multigraph
Supports data batch import/export from/to various sources
Supports OpenCypher query language
Supports role-based access control (at graph level)
Provides built-in graph algorithms to get started quickly with graph analytics
Supports multiple CPUs and Operating Systems
For details on installation, refer to:Installation VideoDeployment Docs

Enterprise Standard

For small and medium-scale graphs. Everything in Single Server, plus: High Availability (HA) clusters.

Centralized cluster replication mode and enterprise-level high availability
HDFS import and export, docking with distributed big data technology stack
Enterprise-level O&M and security monitoring capability
Fine-grained permissions at vertex, edge, and property level
Embedded graph display and integration with large screens
Rich built-in graph algorithms in support of graph analytics
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Enterprise Advanced

Everything in Standard, plus: support for more graph algorithms and distributed graph storage and computation with trillions of graph data.

Sharding and partition storage mode, no storage capacity limit. Support huge graphs with trillions of vertices
Multiple programming language APIs and command line tools. Substantial decrease in development costs
Server load balancing, high data reliability and good user experience
Massive built-in distributed parallel graph algorithms in support of graph analytics
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Galaxybase Free Version Installation and Deployment Tutorial
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Galaxybase Single Server vs Galaxybase Enterprise
Galaxybase Enterprise is the first native distributed MPP graph platform for enterprises. Galaxybase Single Server provides multiple functionalities in the standalone environment. Note that Single Server Edition is only for non-commercial learning and communication purposes.
Category Item Single Server Enterprise Standard Enterprise Advanced
Graph Storage
Native graph storage engine
Centralized replication storage mode 3-node cluster at most
Sharding and partition storage mode No limit
Compressed data storage
Coexistence of multiple graphs Up to 3 (free version) Up to 50 (charged version) Up to 50 Up to 999
Storage capacity limit 10 GB (free version) No limit (charged version) No limit No limit
Vertex limit 20 million at most No limit No limit
Graph Data Model
Property graph data model
Multigraph data model
Advanced property type support (list, set)
Vertex, edge and property mapping
Batch Import and Export
Full batch import data
Increment batch import data
Batch import data source: local files
Batch import data source: HDFS
Batch import data source: JDBC
Batch import data source: Kafka
Batch data export: local files
Batch data export: HDFS
Kerberos security
Query and Traversal
Vertex, edge and property query
Multi-hop traversal
Property index
Fuzzy query
Database transactions
Graph Computation
Standalone graph compute engine
Distributed graph compute engine
Built-in basic graph algorithms 10 standalone algorithms of 3 types 55 standalone algorithms of 7 types 55 standalone algorithms of 7 types 19 distributed algorithms of 4 types
Graph query language
OpenCypher query language
Built-in APOC functions
Execution management of query language
Java API
Python API
Golang API
HTTP Restful API
Custom APOC function extension
Custom algorithm extension
Operation & Maintenance
Cluster monitoring
Load balancing
Data backup and restore
Multi-user Up to 3 No limit No limit
Role-based access control (at graph level)
Fine-grained permissions at the level of vertex/edge and property
LDAP access control
Chinese CPU
Chinese Operation Systems
Visualization Interface
Visualization interface for cluster management
Graph Studio visualization interface
Embedded graph display
Command Line Tool
Data loading tool
Data export tool
Connection management tool
Cluster management tool
Data conversion tool
PAR management tool
OpenCypher execution tool
Tool for streaming remote file
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