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Graph+X Ecosystem Collaboration Program
Innovation stems from connections. The "Graph+X" ecosystem collaboration program aims to construct a complete ecosystem for intelligent applications based on "graph technology + graph applications + graph services." By integrating the technologies, products, solutions, and service capabilities of high-quality partners in various industries, we aim to create a closed loop of value for customers using graph technology.
Solution Partner Intelligent Graph Plan
By combining the product capabilities and brand resources of both parties, we aim to build innovative joint ventures based on graph technology.
Solution Partner Intelligent Graph Plan
Solution partners are those engaged in software development, production, sales, and services across industries such as finance, government, public security, logistics, healthcare, manufacturing, etc., with independently developed solutions. They are willing to carry out specific scenario development on the Galaxybase graph platform and collaborate to launch joint industry solutions.
Navigator Program for Distributor Partners
Through activities such as cooperative community management, customer marketing, market coverage, etc., we aim to create benchmark cases and replicate them quickly to reach more users.
Navigator Program for Distributor Partners
Distributor partners are those willing to leverage the Galaxybase graph platform to build their core business competitiveness. They have the ability to provide pre-sales consulting, sales, and service capabilities for collaborative products or services with Graph Neighborhood Technology. They can sell corresponding products and services to target industries and customers and engage in joint industry or customer operations.
Preferred Program for Service Partners
The goal is to jointly develop graph technology professionals, establish a rapid response service mechanism, and provide high-quality and comprehensive delivery and sales services.
Preferred Program for Service Partners
Graph Neighborhood Technology service partners possess technical development capabilities, database software delivery capabilities, and the ability to cultivate technical personnel with qualifications to deliver Graph Neighborhood Technology products and solutions nationwide or in certain regions.
Talent Alliance Program for Training Partners
By sharing resources and establishing the Galaxybase certification system, we aim to cultivate innovative and applied graph technology professionals on a global scale.
Talent Alliance Program for Training Partners
Graph Neighborhood Technology training partners, authorized by Graph Neighborhood Technology, have Galaxybase certification training capabilities. They are enterprises, institutions, or higher education institutions working together with Graph Neighborhood Technology to train professionals in graph technology, focusing on innovation and application.

Creative Neighborhood Technology Eco-Alliance Panorama

Partner Policies

We adhere to transparent, simple, fair, and just partner policies, fostering open collaboration with partners to share benefits and create a healthy ecosystem environment.

Business Incentives-合作伙伴政策-galaxybase
Business Incentives
Partners can benefit from reporting protection mechanisms and corresponding level discounts; upon meeting annual delivery requirements, they can enjoy corresponding levels of incentive policies.
Business Support-合作伙伴政策-galaxybase
Business Support
Partners receive insights into demand and opportunities, joint solution development, industry cooperation, joint case creation, open product interfaces, and other supportive policies.
Talent Support-合作伙伴政策-galaxybase
Talent Support
Partners can access joint talent development, talent recruitment, GBCA/GBCP/GBCM certification series training courses, exam qualifications, and other incentive policies.
Brand Marketing-合作伙伴政策-galaxybase
Brand Marketing
Partners benefit from marketing fund support, market brand exposure, joint showroom solution displays, strategic product-specific incentives, and other incentive policies.
Technical Support-合作伙伴政策-galaxybase
Technical Support
Incentives include educational video support, testing resources, pre-sales support, and other policies.
Operational Assurance-合作伙伴政策-galaxybase
Operational Assurance
Partners can enjoy direct access to headquarters, support from industry experts, and participation in partner clubs, among other incentive policies.
Wide-ranging Collaboration Ecosystem
Strategic Development Partners
Cloud Partners
Solution Partners
Service Partners
Eco-industry alliance Partners

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