Native Distributed Parallel Graph Platform
Native Distributed Parallel Graph Platform
Cutting edge graph computing technology for real-time deep-link analysis at scale, and insight discovery from complex interconnected data
Native Distributed Parallel Graph Platform
Galaxybase Breaks LDBC-SNB World Records
LDBC Audited Results: 72 X Improvement in Query Performance, 70% Increase in Throughput
2022 World Artificial Intelligence ConferenceGraph Database Technology and AI Application Forum
Three Highlights of the Forum:
 To experience the development of the latest graph technology: top experts on the discussion
 To show new applications: industrial practice sharing
 To witness the new industrial breakthroughs: detailed reports from globally recognized organizations
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Graph Database Technology
What is a Graph Database?
A graph database is a kind of emerging database management system that supports property graph data model. Compared to traditional database technologies, the graph database excels at storing and processing interconnected data. Entities and relationships between those entities are stored in the graph database as vertices and edges, respectively. The property graph model has a nice feature called “index-free adjacency”. This feature ensures that for every vertex in the graph, it costs constant time to fetch the connected neighbors with no need for random seeks, yielding relatively stable write/read and query performance irrespective of data volume.
Why Graph Databases?
Graph databases not only provide superior performance for leveraging complex, dynamic and highly connected data, big or small, but also support real-time deep-link analytics which traditional technology fails to uphold. Graph databases offer an extremely flexible and expressive data model that can directly corresponds to mind maps people use to solve real-world problems. Thanks to this feature, solving a problem with graph database can be as straightforward as drawing mind maps on the whiteboard, which can easily accommodate changing business needs and modeling requirements, thus greatly reduce software development cost and speed up time to market.
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“By 2023, graph technologies will facilitate rapid contextualization for decision making in 30% of organizations worldwide.”
“By 2025, graph technologies will be used in 80% of data and analytics innovations, up from 10% in 2021, facilitating rapid decision making across the enterprise.”
Why Galaxybase?
Galaxybase implements the property graph model using native storage that conforms to the index-free adjacency feature. Galaxybase employs the “scale-out” architecture, using distributed commodity hardware to store and process large-scale graphs. With excellent parallel and distributed computing capability, Galaxybase outperforms other graph database products in the market by a large margin, especially when it comes to scalability and query efficiency handling enormous amount of data.
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Zhejiang Createlink (Chuanglin) Technology Co., Ltd
(abbr. CreateLink Tech. or CreateLink)
CreateLink is a leading graph database system software provider. It provides enterprises a wide spectrum of services across large-scale heterogeneous data, involving data integration, data management, data mining, data query and visualization, etc.
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CreateLink is a leading graph DBMS vendor based in China. It provides services ranging from relationship mining, deep-link analytics, visualized analysis to graph intelligent computing on massive heterogeneous data from various sources.
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